Django-scaffold hits 1.0

May 16, 2011

Scaffold is a little open-source Django app I built to provide a, "[r]eusable application for a generic section/subsection hierarchy in Django.  It aims to solve a common problem: you're building a site that needs sections and subsections and you not only need to be able to manage that hierarchy, but also hang other content off of it." Today, I've decided to bump it up to version 1.0. You can grab it from github or install it with pip/easy_install.

Scaffold is now in use in a couple of production sites, has a full test suite, and an API that is more-or-less stable; taken together all of this seemed to warrant giving it a 1.0 release. I owe special thanks to my colleague, Chuck Harmston for updating Scaffold to maintain Django 3.1 compatibility while I was off exploring the beaches of the Phillipines.

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