December 1, 2013

Just finished version 0.1 of what my be my most arbitrary open source project yet: a static blogging engine called Agiluf, written in Haskell. It's meant to be bare-bones but supports:

  • html templating
  • tagging
  • multiple authors
  • RSS


It's built on top of the awesome Pandoc library. You just write your blog entries in RST, add a little metadata to the top, and let Agiluf do the rest. Templating uses Hastache, a Haskell implementation of Mustache templates, although I will likely switch this over to Blaze soon becuase it seems better-maintained. Why the weird name? There were a couple of historical figures who bore this sobriquet. However, I took the name from Italo Calvino's wonderful novel The Nonexistent Knight. It's something of a nod to the challenges of learning Haskell. If I ever have some spare time, I'd like to convert this site over to it. 

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